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Providing Consulting and Training services for SAP and SUSE


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SAB&T TEC was founded in 2016 to incorporate much-needed SAP services both internationally and abroad, and consists of a group of highly-skilled, certified SAP consulting and trainers with many years of the collective experience and has gained many trusted relationships from other establishments in industry and continues to assist them on various projects.

Founding members Reinier Schoeman and Tinus Brink collectively have over 25 years experience in SAP Consulting and Training. Both Reinier and Tinus have led other consulting companies to new heights and continue to do so at SAB&T TEC. Nexia SAB T group also have an invested interest in the growth of SAB&T and have been trading since 1994. The business experience from Nexia SAB&T and consulting experience from SAB&T TEC have provided customers with a well rounded consulting experience leading to successful project completions.

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