Support, Monitor, Optimize, Troubleshoot, Enhance.

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Full End-to-End Business Suite and S/4HANA Administration and Support


S/4HANA, Business suite, Fiori, Enterprise Portal, Solution Manager, Web Dispatcher etc

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Classic Data Migrations, DMO, S/4 Conversion SLT, Replication

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App Lifecycle Management

Full Application lifecycle management of software versions

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System Tuning, Scale-out, Parametrization

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Our team of expert SAP consultants will develop a complete understanding of your systems, architecture and requirements to accommodate a complete end-to-end support structure which will lead to effective and harmonious support efforts for your business.

SABTEC SAP Administration_1
SABTEC SAP Administration_2

SAB&T TEC can help manage the requirements for preventative maintenance, day-to-day remedial activities, on-demand troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Our Technical experts will fit in perfectly with your business’s in-house support team and complement their existing skill-set.

Our consultants are available via remote access and on-site as per your business requirement.


At SAB&T TEC we pride ourselves in having completed multiple highly successful implementations of Business Suite Applications for various high-profile customers.

SAB&T TEC specializes in implementations of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Fiori , SAC, SAP Business Suite, Enterprise Portal, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, SAP BW, SAP Solution Manager Applications on any of the Enterprise Operating systems including Microsoft Windows, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Solaris.

Our highly skilled consultants will establish a complete understanding of your business requirements and not only perform the implementation, but also provide valuable insights as to best practices regarding your business SAP requirements.

SAP Fiori is regarded as the “new age” of the end-user interface for SAP business applications. SAP Fiori is an intuitive, adaptive, easy, mobile, role-based and “beautiful” interface, resulting in end users being more productive and mobile in their daily duties.

SABTEC SAP Implementation 1

SABTEC SAP Implementation 2

Our SAP Fiori experts specialize in the implantation of:

  • Embedded and central hub deployment of the SAP Gateway functions
  • The setup of both front and back-end server components
  • The setup of the Fiori Launchpad including Catalogs and Groups and Authorizations
  • Essentially, we offer a full end-to-end SAP Fiori implementation expertise.

At SABTEC we specialities go way beyond the above-mentioned skill sets and include the implementation of services which include the likes of SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher etc.


SABTEC prides itself in being the most qualified consultancy in South-Africa to handle your data migration needs sporting 4x SAP Certified OS/DB migration experts and 2x certified S/4 HANA conversion specialists. We specialize in migrations including on-prem based and/or Cloud-based migration requirements.

The SAP Classic Migration involves a time-consuming process including a possible multiple business downtime scenarios for effective and complete migration of your SAP business data and Applications either to a different database and/or Operating System. The SAP Classic Migration is still regarded as a very dependable and complete solution for migrating your SAP Applications and Business data.

The Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM is a great feature built into the already great tool known as the Software Update Manager. Although SAP does not require a certified consultant to operate the DMO of SUM feature, it is highly recommended to consult with a subject matter expert before attempting the highly advance process of migrating your SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4 HANA.

Not only does the DMO of SUM allow for a migration of your SAP Business systems, but also the feature of updating and/or upgrading your SAP Business Suite. Our certified migration experts are ready and equipped to take on any size migration requirement.

Our expertise does not stop at SAP Classic and DMO based migration options but include the skill set to setup and perform replication and/or trigger-based replication of your Business data from non-SAP to SAP-based Application Servers.

Application Lifecycle Management

At SABTEC we specialize in the process of maintaining SAP Business software from both the Runtime and the SAP repository. In conjunction with utilizing the SAP provided mechanisms for maintaining your SAP Business landscape, our certified consultants are experts in the field of maintaining your SAP Business software. This includes SAP Netweaver Upgrades, Enhancement Packs, and applying SAP SP-stacks for any of your SAP Business Suite products and S/4HANA deployments.


Highly trained to utilize SAP tools which include Software Update Manager and the classic in-system transaction SPAM. Always recommend using SAP SUM for all maintenance of SAP Business software components which includes the possibility of lowering Business downtime dramatically.

Fine-tuned Skills

Maintaining SAP systems, not only includes maintaining and updating the Repository environment but also maintaining the Runtime. The Runtime includes maintaining the SAP Runtime Kernel and the Database/Operating System environment.

For the lesser-known bug fixes to your SAP Repository, we also specialize in setting up and utilizing Transport Based Correction instructions and of course the classic Sapnote based code corrections to the repository.


Keeping your SAP Business Systems optimized has become an essential requirement for fulfilling your business needs.

We at SABTEC specialize in troubleshooting and identifying weak points in your SAP Business software and provide expert advice in optimizing and enhancing key functionalities from both SAP and Repository point of view.

Our consults will analyse and fine comb your systems for any sub-optimal behaviour and make your SAP run like a well-oiled machine.