Should you require integration between SAP ENABLE NOW and your LMS or SAP SUCCESS FACTORS, let SABTEC Assist.

Many Companies would like to have their content available through other platforms. There is a growing need to set up sometimes complex connections between servers and application platforms, SABTEC will be able to assist.

Should your need be simply to import and Export Scorm packages or full SuccessFactors integration, we can make it work.

Content Factory

Let SABTEC Create your content for you, Let’s say you have already purchased and implemented SAP ENABLE NOW and due to some unforeseen reason, you do not have the time or resources to allocate to content creation. We can become your content creation factory, and our highly skilled consultants will use your SEN product and develop your content for you.

With this service we can become an extension of your workforce and work hand in hand with your SAP process experts or the teams on the ground to accurately capture and complete all content. And from there we can also assist in Editing and with the publishing direction you would like to take.

User Management

We at SABTEC have become very well versed in many technologies and best practices to setup and maintain users and roles within the SEN application.

To fully utilize your SUSE subscription, it is vital to get the correct and professional advice when planning your landscape. Our team is technically inclined and will make an effort to understand your landscape.

Should you make use of Single Sign-on and LDAP or simply need to have some users set to expire in a week, our consultants will work out the best strategy for your needs.


We provide training on a wide range of SAP SEN scenarios.

As SAP Enable now Consultants SABTEC has been a household name since the early years of SEN when the Product was known as Workforce Performance Builder.

And as the SEN product aged and came into its own SABTEC was right there growing with it. It is this long history and the continued efforts to have our consultants performing on the cutting edge on SAP products that continue to put SABTEC first when it comes to any SEN consulting.

SABTEC has completed many SEN projects globally directly for SAP and many Enable now customers. Our SAP Enable Now team was started so that we have a division of the company focussed and specialising in all things SEN, this continued dedication from our consultants ensure that we can provide the most up to date services and deliverables.

Our consulting services are as flexible as the Product and we pride ourselves in having some of the Top Enable Now consultants and trainers in the World.

Be it On-Site or Remote consultation, our proven track record stands firm.


SABTEC Specialises in SAP Enable Now installations and Administration.

From simple user management to setup of Organisational units and Workflows our consultants are very well versed in the flexibility of the application and understand the requirements of modern business, from a content development house perspective or a very high paced go live scenario.

We provide, On-premises or Cloud-based implementations and we have many years’ experiences with the product and keep our consultants upskilled to the latest releases as they get released, with the SAP Enable Now Stay Current program.

No Redundancies:

Ensure lower effort in content lifecycle Easy to ramp-up new content projects. Easy to onboard new authors Think use-cases, not chapters Work in the smallest possible pieces


Create a content structure to support all. Classroom training material E-learning and courseware Knowledge portals I web sites / libraries In-app help / EPSS


To easily have update/changes to be applied once and affect all delivery channels. Completeness / single source of truth Metadata and tags. Tag I describe your content to keep it maintainable, for example role tags, process IDs, responsibilities/ownerships etc.

We also have a long-standing relationship with SAP as a company and we have become a chosen provider for the Sen Product